The Ninja: Folklore, Truth, or Legend?

Legends are told of Ninja (aka Shinobi) roaming ancient Japan - often slipping behind enemy lines and assassinating high value target without ever getting caught or even seen.

Hollywood would have us believe the Ninja clan (secretly) still exist today - wearing masks, swinging swords, doing hand to hand combats before finally poisoning their targets.
Do Ninjas still exist? Probably, although likely a lot more discrete than ever before, and instead of coming from one specific clan or lineage, they're made up of all kinds of races and nationalities.
I say that because - even though Ninjas were known to be discrete - they likely don't hide in shadows anymore. Instead, they likely hide in plain sight.
Their weaponry would have been modernized big time as well. At least I can't imagine them running around - even in the shadows of the night - with Katana swords and Shuriken stars.
In fact, I could see them being quite techie. Instead of being just physical combatants, I bet they are internet savvy combatants. Not to fight with weapons, but rather with information.
Either way, if there was a public advertisement (or job listing) to becoming a Ninja, I bet a lot of nerds and alpha males alike would line up to fill out the application. Not because they are born killers, but because Hollywood made them look so cool (and oh so sexy) in them black robes.
I for one would ask one question before taking the job: Are there going to be female ninjas? If the answer is yes, my answer too will be yes!